print(“Hello World!”)

Hi everyone! Or, as we stereotypically say in Texas: Howdy! I don’t love it. Heading isn’t a typo or an error in the page – coding is something I enjoyed all through college, no matter how hard it go, and Python was my favorite language to learn. That line of code is pretty much the first day of any basic coding class you’ll ever take, so I found it fitting. I’ve probably turned in 4+ Hello World assignments.  Anyways, I read a lot – books, articles, signs, etc. – sometimes they’re mind-blowing, other times, there’s a few thought provoking pages and then a whole bunch of nothing. Regardless, I made this to write down thoughts I have when I read, and hopefully, whomever stumbles along this blog will discover stuff they’ve never heard of before or some books they never gave the time of day.

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